Saturday, March 12, 2011

TJ Maxx & Co sell Calphalon!

I picked this pot up last week for $30! Amazon has it for $98 because they are on crack. Since I've purchased all of my cookware individually, rather than as a set, I saw a lot of the items I own on sale. My one quart saucepan was $15. I use this little guy a surprising amount. This one was only $30 and gets used almost daily here. They even had 6 and 8 quart pots for $40! If I hadn't bought all my other Calphalon with gift cards I would be mighty peeved right now.

Here's some stuff I debated but did not buy because people who are moving soon shouldn't be buying random decor:

These candle holders were clearanced for 7.50. They look like they're packaged inside of plastic holders, right? Wrong! The outside is also glass! Its one big, flowy, clear glass thing I don't need but admired.

Another flowy candle holder. This one felt like it was made out of plaster but it was painted a really cool irridescent blue. If you looked at it closely there speckles of miniscule glitter like on a car. 7.99

This vase is cleverly cute. It had the name of some art museum on the bottom and cost $12.99

This large vase was $12.99 and I carried it around for a while trying to decide wether I should buy it or not. I kept thinking those flowered twigs I bought last week were capiz but they were just cloth. Luckily I remembered in time and left it behind.

The big interest point for me was definitely in the kitchen area. They now sell Calphalon, Cuisinart, Le Creuset, Tools of the Trade, Emeril and that Giada woman's cookware. I am so excited about my new pot as it rounded out all the cooking items I needed :D

TJ Maxx has a section where people can submit pictures of awesomeoness they purchased there and they added my picture:


Della said...

I love TJ Maxx and Ross...I think because they are like thrift stores and because they hold that element of surprise. Can you tell I haven't been thrifting in weeks? ;)

I loved the flowered twigs you bought. I think I want some! Homegoods (TJ Maxx's sister furniture store) has tons right now. I know my Mom wants some so I'm thinking for her birthday. ;)

PS. Never seen How I Met Your Mother...people keep mentioning it to me so I guess I should check it out? And I heard that it's been renewed for two more seasons so it's good? Ha!