Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Besta Hacks

Ever since I decided to buy the Besta stand I've been googling for hacks. Here are some of the favorites:

Tiptoeing on my recent hacked desks post, here is a besta desk with a silver top (also by Ikea). More info here:

This person installed a computer inside their Besta: It took me days to install my slim cd drive!

This person cut their doors to only show the tv...then they pasted paper behind $50 doors...craziness!

These legs are pretty but make scare me: Glass breaks, I'm clumsy and this unit is heavy.
I'd be willing to nailhead trim something from Craigslist:

A lot of people hack the single cubes as kitty litter boxes:

This one has legs on the bottom AND bottom plus a gorgeous raw brown wood top. I don't know how people hang in chairs for hours without back support but at least they will look stylish doing it:

Ignore the wall mountability of this picture and look at the doors. If I decide $100 for glass is too much, the 2/3 wooden ones wouldn't be so horrible. Electronics aren't exactly art :)
I found a version of the tv stand I liked. Imagine it cut in half with the silver legs I linked the other day and a glass top. It would be pretty but I'm not sure if its $250 pretty...


NS said...

it's really easy to wall mount the besta, you just have to buy the rail thing :)