Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Stouffer's Stuffed Melt and Soup

Bzzagent recently sent me a free coupon for a Stouffer's Stuffed Melt and Soup. I wager this is a new product as I had some trouble finding a store carrying it. Have you ever looked at the Stouffer's section at a grocery store? They're all over the place! They're in the bulk food section with lasagnas, by the weight watching section, by the Hot Pockets, in the frozen one portion meal sections, etc.

I found this one at a ShopRite close to the vegetables so if you're interested in buying a box, the hunt is on!

I picked the steak and swiss stuffed melt with the broccoli cheddar soup because I plan to live forever without any health problems. I put a quarter on top of the (sealed) sandwich for size comparison.

Assembling the meal was a science. First the lid came off the perforated box to create the tray above. Then I nuked the soup for (I think) 30 seconds. Then I lifted the film off the soup and placed the sandwich in a crisping sleeve like a Hot Pocket. Then I nuked for the suggested minute thirty. Then I nuked some more because my soup wasn't completely defrosted and my sandwich was cold.

The end result was pretty good. My sandwich was definitely a square Hot Pocket but I like Hot Pockets so I was happy. The soup was good too. The portions seem really small though. I had breakfast a few hours before and this didn't completely fill me but it was a great snack.

These sell for $2.49 regularly at ShopRite and are on sale this week for $1.99. They'd probably be great for kid's lunches, assuming they later burned off the calories. I love the taste and will be picking some more up but don't think this could be a daily meal for me.

By the way, this is what the promotional shots for the Stouffer's Stuffed Melt and Soups products looks like. I call Photoshop.