Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Hacked Desks

In helping my guy shop for desks on-line I came across a bunch of Ikea hacks I'd love to try on my future desk. Nevermind that these hacks happened to be at

Paint and imagination are integral to any successful Ikea hack: In this one the Effectiv desktop is balanced on top of two painted nightstands. The center is braced by wall braces although you could stick a regular leg back there I bet.

These kitchen cabinets clear the clutter and maximize the space:

In this one feet were added to the ubiquitous Expedit for some ultra cleaning under furniture power: I like how clean this one is. The molding could be easily fauxed and the wall mounted television replaced with a pretty painting with similarly soothing results.

I joke that my blog is the cliff notes to my life because I use it as one large mobile bookmark machine. In keeping with "information I want my future self to have" here is a clearer link on how to create faux molding:

Still not sold on clicking? From their blog:
"This 1-inch trim is literally like a condensed foam (you could dent it with your fingernail), weighs virtually nothing, comes in 8-foot strips, and costs $2.38 each! "