Saturday, March 26, 2011

I'm sorry Pledge, You Rock!

So last week I was all "pooh pooh, who wants wood furniture!?" and the answer is apparently - Me if the price is right!

As you guys know I'm moving in two months so I'm stalking Craigslist. I found this set of really neat folding bookcases for $20 for the 4. They are solid wood and I like the shape so there are plenty of possiblities.

I pulled out Ye Olde Pledge and went to it with a microfiber cloth.

This is the after - can you see the difference?

Cause you can definitely see it here!

The Pledge has a really nice scent and did a great job polishing the shelves. I doubt they will stay a natural woodtone but until I decide what to do with them I will definitely be Pledging it up!

The Pledge was free as part of a BzzKit I received last week. For a review of some other things click here to read it. I'm burning the candle right now and its just lovely :)