Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ikea.Com can be so annoying

Have you ever seen a sweet combination at an ikea store and tried to look it up at Its enough to drive a blogger nuts!

So I like this setup as my future tv stand, but would like it in dark brown with a dark glass top. I didn't write down all the component parts (never again) and it took me an hour to figure out how much everything costs.

I found the stand with minimal effort here:

The legs are called an underframe here:

The doors are $50 EACH which is a lot more than doors of that size should cost:

I also want to get that glass top for $20 because black glass on dark wood looks nice and is easy to clean. These doors are $25 each but I don't like them. Look at the glass on top and ignore them :P

That brings the cute little tv stand up to $250, which is a lot more than this stand should cost. I have a gift card and will keep my eye out for any parts of this unit on Craigslist. Ikea sometimes mails out coupons and I have two months until I need to move the tv so there isn't a huge rush on this.

I know I could eliminate the feet or a door to save money but I want it to tie in with my future coffee table and end table from Staples: I'm also debating this dvd cabinet:

I know the move is two months away but the apartment I'm moving into will be vacated in a month so I can start painting/furnishing/etc then and you guys know how much I love doing that!

After the fact I found this Besta planner that compiles everything for you: The prices are definitely different than from in store though.


John Smith said...

I agree they can be totally annoying. I simply hate their customer service.
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