Thursday, March 3, 2011

Have an eBay account? You need to opt out of this

Currently eBay's returns policy normally sides with the buyer. If the buyer claims not to have received an item, received something broken or not as described eBay will back them up and pull the funds directly out of your paypal account to reimburse them. The seller's rights are limited and eBay's judgement is final. Legalese:

The good news is you can opt-out of this instant cash withdrawal from your paypal account.

Step 1: You need a pin number to prove your identity
Login to your eBay account. Go to personal info. Pick a telephone PIN. The pin must be used within fifteen minutes

Step 2: Call the automated opt-out line at 1-866-643-0898
You will be asked for the pin number and to verify your phone number.

The process takes less than five minutes and could potentially save you headaches so why not do it?