Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GoHastings Upsetting a lot of Folks Today

About a month ago GoHastings' Facebook minder started promising "BIG SAVINGS" when they hit fifty thousand likes on Facebook:

Things went terribly awry this weekend during a 30% off sale when several major websites started pimping the Likes. The page got 50,000 likes and it was a Sunday so they were closed.


Imagine how even more upset people were when GH decided to host the sales today - as two hour blocks five times during the day. They were absolutely CAPS LOCKING by the time they realized dvds which were normally $3 or under were suddenly out of stock or raised by more than the cost of shipping.
  • So the first deal this morning was from 8-10cst and for free shipping on anything over $3
  • Next was something on books and cds
  • The current deal is $5/$25 which doesn't even cover the cost of shipping
I haven't been in the middle of so much internet shopping DRAMZ since the 90s when Staples was constantly putting out incorrect coupon codes and then giving us free stuff to make up for it. People on the Facebook page are positively livid at their stolen chance at buying cheap stuff!

I'm ambivalent. There isn't anything I want although I do see some pretty great deals on television boxsets if anyone is interested in those. You can get each season of Heroes for less than $10.