Monday, January 10, 2011

Time for Free Cereal

Pretend that jar of Cinnamon Toast Crunch is two full boxes of it
ShopRite has certain cereals at 4 for $5 this week and there are printable coupons making them 4/$1.60. Click here and scroll down to General Mills:  then click, print and save!

You must buy four boxes to get the 4/$5 price, which isn't bad to begin with. If you like Wheaties there is a coupon that will make those boxes free on the same page.

RiteAid has Kellogg's cereal buy one, get one free this week. As crazy as it sounds, RiteAid accepts buy one, get one coupons on these sales and there is a printable: on their website. To make the deal even crazier - RiteAid is printing out $1 UPR (the coupons you can use off anything in the store on your next order) for the cereal - so you get paid $2 for buying cereal.

The Kellogg's Smart Start (see the mail in Try Me Free on the front top of the box?) is part of the BOGO sale but doesn't apply to that coupon. There are other coupons out there and it also generates the $1UPR so its another sweet money maker.

Other stuff I got at RiteAid for free:
  • 3 Gain soaps (we were down to one bottle!) .89 - $1 coupon from P&G mailer = Free
  • Bounty Basic .89 - $1 coupon from P&G mailer = Free
  • Blink Tears - 7.99 - $4 peelie - 7.99 rebate = $4 money maker
  • MotrinPM - Tylenol Precise = $8 - $6 coupon - $5 UPR = $3 Money Maker
  • HormelEats - 1.99 - $2UPR = Free
Paid 2.47, getting $7.99 rebate + received $7 in UPR

CVS has some free after ECB candy this week. When you scan your card at the red coupon machine you should get a .50 coupon off of Dove candy, making this a money maker. The Dove is .89 with an .89 ECB and the Reeses 1.59 with 1.59 ECB.

Children's gummy vitamins are $5 with a $5 register reward (to be used on your next order) at Walgreens. Christmas candy is 75% off at all the drugstores and I couldn't pass up these life savers gummies at .50 each. Rumor has it if my niece won't eat her gummy vitamins I may have to do it for her ;)

That reminds me - I need to schedule my dental cleaning this month - bah January!