Friday, January 21, 2011

Swap-A-Media Update

So I finally ran out of books to mail out for Since I don't want to acculumate a ton more (those things are heavy and readily stored at the library!) I only have three on my wishlist.

On I  have become a decluttering fiend! See all of those dvds I mailed off yesterday? I finally acknowledged I won't be watching Coraline (creepy) or Corpse Bride (groom was a tool) ever again and listed them...and it spiraled from there!

I am happy to report I have received Veronica Mars s1 and s2 and Shrek 3 via trade. I'm on the wishlist for a few others (most notably Nightmare before Christmas on blu-ray) and am looking at this as a way to upgrade movies I really enjoy to blu-ray while getting rid of dvds I won't watch again.

See those lovely white envelopes? Those are the ones I got free at Staples (deal ends tomorrow). I finally caved and bought Avery shipping labels (currently with a $5 rebate).

For anyone interested Staples has a 15% off any order coupon starting tomorrow. Sounds like a money maker to me!

If you sign up at paperbackswap or swapadvd my user name is Ethena and I get one free credit for anyone who joins. Joinners get one free credit for...joining :)