Saturday, January 15, 2011

SMG Coming back to tv - Sans Joss

SMG with baby Charlotte at Halloween
CBS has picked up a new show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar called Ringer.

"Ringer centers on a troubled young woman on the run who hides out by living the life of her wealthy twin sister. One problem: Her sibling has a bounty on her head as well."

Sarah Michelle Gellar can certainly handle drama and playing opposing twins won't be a problem for the lady who played Faith playing Buffy.

I'm excited; after this season kills off Big Love and Smallville I won't have much tv left to watch....
  • Extreme Coupon Clippers - I only saw one but count it anyway
  • House - out of habit, not because its wonderful anymore
  • The Office - although sans Michael? We'll see
  • Vampire Diaries - which is so good it will probably be cancelled
...and idk what else...I spend most of my tv watching time with a dvd


Angela said...

I'm super-excited about the show, though I have to say that it sounds a lot like the premise of the last book series I read.