Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review: Dymo Labelmanager 260P

Pre-emptive Disclaimer:
I am a bzzagent at Every so often they mail a product to review. I get to keep the product, you get a review and everyone is happy. All bloggers should join as its fun and irreverent - back in 2008 they mailed me a year's worth of rice!

I was pleased to receive the above labeller as my Staples freebie - a Casio KL-60 had given up the ghost:

I'd called tech-support, who walked me through the trouble shooting steps in the manual I'd already tried, then declared it broken.
As a result our filing cabinet looked like that ^ Luckily my handwriting is nice enough and with only 6-7 folders chaos was kept at bay.

But there had to be a better way!

Enter the DYMO LabelManager 260p! With its sleek exterior, rechargable battery and ability to say something besides ERR! it seemed like the perfect solution to my handwriting woes.

Or maybe not.

As soon as I printed the first label and realized the tape was clear I knew this wouldn't be the solution we were a non-seeking way.

And then I realized I could turn the folders inside out! My roomy is left handed so who knows - this may be better for her.

So here are my thoughts:
  • My old labeller used SIX AA batteries.
    While batteries are perpetually free, I didn't like having six of them tied up in a machine I seldom use. Its a rust issue. The rechargable battery in this one seems like a good idea although it may be annoying waiting for a charge when you need an Emergency Label.
  • Non-Qwerty keyboard - really!?
    What year is this - 1911? Between the typewriters of yore and the cell phone keypads of today, no one above third grade thinks in alphabetical order. This was the topic of discussion over on Unclutterer.Com the other day.
  • I don't have much to label.Those folders up there are the extent of my organization and since I'm the only one in the pantry and I can tell my sugar apart from the flour.
  • HATE peeling labels
    At first I was was all "YAY! Organization! Whee, pretty!" but soon I was "Why won't these freaking labels peel!?" I had to go do dishes and give myself some breathing time, then come back to trying to unpeel these suckers from the backing. How do people with OCD do it!?
  • What I really want is the Labelwriter 4xl
    BzzAgent always mails out informational packets with their stuff - see the first picture. Included was a folder with their entire line-up. The labelwriter 4xl prints out USPS sized labels for mailing! This would have been utterly swank this past December when I mailed out over fifty packages. Of course the packages were worth less than the $300 price tag on this beauty so I will continue printing my labels on Ye Olde Printer.
The DYMO retails for about about $60 although you can use coupon LM260PBZZ at to save $30. This offer expires 2/15/2011