Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Round-up: Picture Edition

Its in the upper 30s here so the expected deluge of snow has turned into rain, with a coating of ice. See those cracks on my car? That is where the ice fell apart when I opened the back door. I didn't realize the ice was so thick!
Here's a close-up (or just click on any picture to see larger).
This is the view from inside the car with the window rolled down. See it at the bottom of the picture? I could shift the ice around with my fingers because the car was warm but couldn't get it to come off. I finally rolled down the window and knocked it out. Its kind of cool, eh?

I was on my way to the post office and Staples. When I got home I had beaucoup rebates! Staples, Kelloggs, Budweiser and Rite Aid all sent me back money I'd spent. The yellow envelope at the bottom is a book from paperbackswap.

After my post office visit (one large flat rate, 2 medium flat rates and 2 small flat rate boxes meant major de-cluttering but also two trips into the post office) I swung by Staples to pick up some of this week's freebies:

I got banker's boxes for the upcoming move, a plastic tote for breakable Christmas ornaments (finally started taking them down last night), a pack of catalog envelopes for mailing out dvds and books, 2 packs of photo paper ($1 after rebate but there is a 10% off any item coupon here so I rang up two orders) and a Sunrise Earth blu-ray for $5.

My store has all their blu-rays, dvds and cds 50% off and I've noticed this type of media disappearing from other stores too. They had some relatively recent movies like SATC 2 as well as some classics like the Kill Bills and Blades. Sunrise Earth doesn't have any Amazon reviews  but $5 for a blu-ray produced by the Discovery Channel was worth a shot.

This is all the stuff that's free at Staples this week:
  • Post-its 12 pack $12
  • M writing pads 6-pack $10
  • Staples brand plastic tote $8 (I bought this, see picture)
  • Papermate 4-pack pens $5
  • Avery 8160 labels 750 count $10
  • Banker Box 10-pack $17 (I bought this, see picture)
  • 25-pack catalog envelopes $8.49 (I bought this, see picture)
This stuff is free after Staples rewards, which means you buy it now and in February they mail you a voucher for the amount you spent to be used at Staples or Staples.Com. I'm looking at this microwave for my next apartment since my roomy is keeping the current one but wouldn't be adverse to just converting any Staples money back into "real" money through rebates before then. For example, if you received Staples cash from buying about $100 worth of batteries in December you can use them this week to buy Quickbooks, which is $106 with a $106 rebate.

Some folks stock up on *ALL* the freebies in order to reach the $1000 needed to become a Staples Premiere member and I've certainly done it before. Yet, there are only so many post-its, pens, writing pads, etc that a woman can store/give to family/save to sell. We're only 18 days into 2011 and I've already spent over $250 at Staples so I shouldn't have trouble reaching my quota for the rest of the year.

However, if you're not a premiere member but want to be one you should buy ALL this stuff. Premiere membership kicks in as soon as you reach $1000 and lasts until the 31st of next year. So if you spent $1000 today you're be a Premiere customer for the rest of 2011 and all of 2012 which is pretty darned awesome!