Saturday, January 1, 2011

Planning to coupon in 2011? You need a (free) binder

Here's how this works at Staples:

1. Buy up to 4 binders from this page: You can order on-line (free shipping for regular members on orders over $50) or buy in-store.

2. Staples will mail you a reward for the cost of the binders in February. This does not include tax.

Why do people buy such expensive binders?
1. They have kids/teach.

2. They coupon. I'm planning to buy one of the huge 5 inch $33 ones to replace my current coupon binder, which has round rings, is about 4 years old and suffers a lot of abuse.

3. To get premiere Staples status. I've mentioned this before - if you spend over $1000/year at Staples you become a premiere member with free shipping, longer expiration dates on rewards and double ink recycling privs. There are some other perks but those are the main ones.

What does one do with $100+ in Staples rewards?

1. Rebate it back into cash. Tax season is coming up and there are loads of free after rebate software deals about to hit.

2. Buy stuff like computer stuff, electronics equipment, office furniture. Or be like me and buy a ton of cleaning supplies and candy.

Just for (my) fun here are my 2010 end numbers from the Staples website:
That doesn't even factor in the hundreds of dollars I saved on rebates! Is it any wonder I love Staples so much?
Staples Rewards $111.25
Ink Recycling Rewards $606.00
Total Coupons Redeemed $588.76
Total Shipping Costs Saved $49.75
Total Savings $1,355.76


Angela said...

Dang, girl, you go!! I just watched the premiere of Extreme Couponing and I'm hooked. I don't do it myself - the math skills alone! - but I am just hooked on how dedicated people are.