Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspiration Thursday: Ballard Designs

Believe it or not I received my first Ballard Designs catalog today and was immediately pointing "I saw that knocked off" "I saw a different version of that" "There was a really good tutorial on doing that" etc, etc, etc.

And man, do I get it! Ballards has some clever takes on classics but their prices are cringeworthy. By cringeworthy I mean nauseating.
You do not want to see the entrance to our house right now. Salt, snow, rain and winter have made their home right alongside us. This tray is pretty clever and only $15, which is about ten times less than the next cheapest thing in the catalog.
Ignore the lamp and check out those awesome shades! I bet wrapping a plain cylinder shade in rope would yield the same effect for way less. I may repurpose the Vika Amon rope when we move for this. (To the visitor who found that post by googling "rope tied around leg picture" I say HAHA!)

I love the straightforward lines on most of the piece but the swirly side parts really make it for me. This piece is just gorgeous, although those rain boots next to it should reallybe sitting in a tray.

Sidebar: Doesn't the floating version of this table look like an elephant missing part of its head?

You can click to see a larger version of this mirror but its just a rectangular mirror with rectangular mirrors running along its sides and a $269 price tag.


In this month's Woman's Day there is a DIY section on decorating photo mats with square mirrored tiles, which they claim are $1.99 for a bag of 25 at Michael's. I was going to scan the picture and gush but finding that mirror killed the desire for me to do so. (EDIT: Its on their website:

I couldn't find these miraculously cheap tiles on Michaels' website although, as usual, eBay has a lot for ridiculously low prices.