Thursday, January 6, 2011

How the Wii and its exercise routines continue to humiliate me

Rite Aid is currently clearancing out their Wii Fit execise accessories. I got this dumbell set 50% off for $10 last Friday. Knowing the speed at which Rite Aids clearance, I wouldn't be surprised if it were already 75% or 90% off. Amazon has them for $15.

According to the box these weigh 1.2 pounds each. According to their video they weight 1.7. According to me they weigh about 20lbs! I am in terrible shape right now. I turned on the Wii Fit yesterday and it made a snarky remark about not seeing me in a few months.

I don't need this from my peripherals.

Silly blonde girl looks skeptical about the workout these weights are giving her. I'd like to see her tomorrow!
Anyway I did the step routine with the band members and plenty of waving and then the Kung Fu punch game. I'd say I played with my weights for about fifteen minutes and I'm sore today. Obviously its not a major soreness but its 6:30pm and I still feel it so either I'm extremely weak or these actually work. I guess both could be possible.

My Rite Aid was clearancing a bunch of Wii Fit accessories. There was an 8 game accessory pack, the set for doing higher pushups, the Wii Fit elevator for sadists, the Wii Fit cover and a yoga set I was kind of interested in because it bought a thigh holster which would be handy for the running games. They also had an adorable little bowling ball, which tempted me in its cuteness but was ultimately rejected for inpracticality and potential storage annoyances. Everything was 50% off to $10 last Friday so drop by if you're interested.