Sunday, January 16, 2011

Get paid to buy tissues - Rite Aid

This week you can buy Rite Aid brand facial tissues, 1 roll bathroom tissue or a 4 pack of Simplify bathroom tissue for $1 each with a $1 UPR to use on your next purchase. These are non-taxable items so they'll be completely free!

Buy 10 packs of the facial tissue and you'll get $10 in UPR (no limit) PLUS an extra $3 UPR for buying ten. The extra $3 UPR only applies to the facial tissue so the other stuff is just free without a bonus. So pay $10, get ten boxes of tissues PLUS $13 in UPR. Sweet.

My store didn't have any bath tissue left but plenty of facial tissue. It was in a "Seasonal Items" aisle with a bunch of other Rite Aid brand stuff so make sure to look there if its not by your regular paper goods. The facial tissue is three-ply with aloe so pretty nice.