Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dorian Gray - the most Darkly Decadent

I watched this movie last night and was impressed enough to sit through the extras!

Dorian Gray is based on the Wilde novel by the same name and follows a young man who trades his soul for eternal youth and beauty.

I must confess I haven't read the book but in the movie the trade was regarded as a curse and something he accidentally bound himself to.

The acting was perfect. I don't know the actor who plays Dorian but he was riveting. The music was beyond amazing - full, passionate crescendos all over the place. The sets were ridiculously good; make sure to watch the extras on the cgi used to create buildings. Also, since Dorian stays young while everyone else ages they had insanely believable makeup artists on hand. One of the extras was on aging a character 20 years and involved giving him a 'stache and a billion wrinkles.

There's always the moral dilemma of a trade like this; as well as the expected violence and murder. Its the best movie I have seen in months: Dorian Gray


Angela said...

I haven't read the book or seen any of the film adaptations, but I know the story. I always joke that I have a picture of me somewhere, aging. LOL.

Did you see all of the Buffy guys on TV this week? Jonathan was on HIMYM and the one bad dude was on Gray's.