Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Damaged Pyrex replaced at speed of Superman

Check out the damage on this brand new Pyrex bowl. There are glass fragments and some kind of brown material embedded in the glass. Around the brown material there is bubbling.

Not the kind of stuff you want to nuke or freeze!

This was one of the small bowls from my Black Friday pyrex set at Kohls. Even though it was ear marked for the new apartment I opened it after successfully craigslisting just about everything else in my cupboards. Yay!

Of course I called PYREX (800-999-3436) and listened to a recording telling me they work normal business hours. I waited a few days until I was home during those hours and tried again. The rep was quite professional, friendly and completely unsurprised by my description of the flaws. I was concerned about calling since the set was purchased almost two months ago and I didn't have the UPC (rebates) but she didn't ask for that information. She just asked for the container size and lid color and overnighted a replacement.

Holy Overkill Batman
The box it came in was larger than the box the entire 20 piece set came in. Staples could learn something from these guys!

See how perfect and smooth the glass is? This is what Pyrex normally looks like.

Interestingly enough Pyrex has an FAQ section devoted to myth busting their lower quality goods. They claim the stuff is being manufactured in the exact same way in the exact same factory. This was my first experience buying boxxed Pyrex as my other pieces were bought off the shelf without a box so I could easily see any flaws.

Next month's Woman's Day magazine has a HUGE article on food storage. Here are some pointers I would probably have overlooked:
  • Look on the bottom of plastic containers for the stamp that identifies what kind of plastic it is. Type 7 has BPA.
  • Types 2,4  and 5 are safest although they are the ones least tested as well.
  • Never put warm food in a plastic container for storage. Let it cool down first.
  • Degraded plastic in food is especially dangerous for little ones.