Saturday, January 8, 2011

Coffee table to Dining table - with an ikea hack

I'm  not an Ikea expert but that looks like the same top as my Vika Amon table. The person attached a trestle and can now convert their coffee table to a dining table at the flip and lift.

This is a clever idea but that has me our current home we used the dining table perhaps five times in the year and a half living here. The rest of the time it was either 2 or 3 people eating so we used the small square table in the kitchen for meals.

This table frequently goes on sale in my area's craigslist for about $20. You could buy short, coffee table sized legs and use it as a coffee table 360 days a year and when you plan to have a dinner party swap out the big legs.

The trestle is clever but if I'm going to serve hot food I will want something really sturdy (read expensive). I think subbing out legs would be a cheaper, more stable solution.

For more information (and pictures) on this hack click here:


Angela said...

Have you ever seen one of these?