Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CitiDiamond Preferred card going blue; turning into a college card

This is my citi Diamond Preferred card. Its black, has a hologram and looks like an adult owns and pays it off.
This is the citi Thank You card it is becoming in May, according to a letter I received today. It looks like a college kid with a free t-shirt carries it.


New Perks:
  • On the anniversary of getting this card we will get a percentage of all thank you points back as a bonus.
New Downers:
  • Its embarrassingly infantile. Remember that commercial where the business guys are out to lunch and one goes to pay with a Marvel comics credit card so everyone laughs at him? This is far, far worse.
  • I've been on hold for 18 minutes trying to figure out if the rewards hierarchy will change. The letter wording is vague.
I waited on hold for 21 minutes then called back, going through the spanish prompts and ended up with an english speaker within 2 minutes of the call starting. They verified the card perks won't change so I guess I'll keep holding on to this card.


30-something said...

I just got my card today (well I've probably gotten it for months but I just saw the mail today)). You are right, the color is a definite turnoff. I don't know if I'll be pulling this out too fast. I really liked the came with a false sense of status. The blue just looks cheap...well at least it's not white.