Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And then they went "What monster are we still missing?"

Kanye West - Monster

This video came out a few weeks ago but I missed it because this song annoys me so very, very much. It got ridiculous amounts of airtime before Halloween and then again in mid-November when Kanye's album dropped.

While the hook is good, all the blatant bragging by Nicki Minaj just ruined it. I normally adore songs featuring multiple singers that are over five minutes long but her verse desolved into craptasticness! She's on a song with Kanye and Jay Z - you figure she'd pack her A Game instead of losing focus a few lines in and nonsensically rhyming about all the money she has and how talented she is.

There's a time and place for that - its called your own album. What makes it so much worse is that she started strong, then it was like she got distracted playing with those ridiculous Barbies she's always blabbering about and just phoned the rest in. Really - unless she's targetting the pedophiliac rap enthusiast crowd, this chick really needs to stop referencing America's Ode to Anorexia. I hope Mattel sues her AND forbids her from wearing neon pink ever again.

I also hope she got dry eyes from opening them so widely in this video. Its not the 1980s - bad guys don't distinguish themselves by opening their eyes wider than the good guys. They also stopped dressing in black...oh wait she did that too when she was being "evil" aka "annoying."

So, back to the video. I guess I liked it. I mean, I like vampires and don't mind gore. Gothy stuff is cute. Nothing was awful. My heart also did that pre-teen flop when it cut to Jay Z adjusting his tie because that move is patented by him (in my mind) so I knew he was up next.

Other than that I wasn't very impressed. I couldn't see what the theme was - were they monsters or monster killers? Kanye seems to want to be both, Nicki is busy vamping at herself in a pink wig, Rick Ross may be a cannibal and unless J's secret monster power is aversion to sunlight he's just a well dressed dude who presumably kills with class. It sounds cool but is really just one step up from an Educated Consumer costume.

So while I liked the video's abstractness I'm so sick of the song I can't rewatch to see if there are answers to my questions within.

As an aside, I got so used to the radio edit that when I heard the real version with all the cursing my first thought was "but why do you need to curse? The pg-13 version gets the message across just fine." and somewhere Will Smith virtually high-fived me while my hair turned grey.


Angela said...

"There's a time and place for that - its called your own album. "

You are cracking me up!!