Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Updates on Paperback Swap & Swap a Dvd

So it turns out media and first class mail are ridiculously slow during the holiday season. Who knew!?

I've been a member of paperbackswap and swapadvd for roughly two weeks.

In dvd land I've mailed out:
  • The Office s1
  • Mad Men s1 (still in transit two weeks later)
  • Futurama s1 (just mailed today)
I ordered Veronica Mars s1 and once a few more dvds are received will have enough credits for more seasons. Its tempting to just order it on half.com but I've gone years without these dvds and don't need to succumb to this artificial need I've created ;)

Paperbackswap land is not a happy land today. I received my first book - a spiritual book with a lot of underlining. Underlined books are against PBS policy so I contacted the trader for a trade refund. There is another book on its way but now I'm nervous. Its a workbook and after this experience I'm worried it will also be written in.

I've mailed out 11 books but 3 are still in transit. I've used my credits to order two books and swapped 6 for 4 dvd credits. When the rest arrive I'll probably trade those credits for dvds too.

If you are interested in signing up at either site my referral name is ethena. You get one free credit for signing up which can be traded for a dvd or book.



In decluttering news I eBayed some rechargable batteries. I gave my charger and batteries away months ago so when I go these in the mail just threw them on a shelf. I also mailed off Futurama s1, which I purchased over five years ago and probably haven't watched since then.


FB @ FabulouslyBroke.com said...

haha.. "artificial need I've created"

You might like Becoming Erica. If you can find the show. I'm hooked.