Thursday, December 16, 2010

Rite Aid loves us!

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It seems like only the other day that I was rueing Rite Aid's place at the bottom of my drugstore trifecta. While they did not adopt any of my ideas they came up with something I appreciate even more - a Wellness card with sliding savings!
With their Wellness card (their free store membership card) if you spend $500 in-store in one calendar year you will earn a 10% discount on stuff. If you spend $1000 you get to save 20%! This program started mid-2010 and I reached $500 in November. This has been great but I was already regretting having to start over in 2011.

Well they just sent the above e-mail with a link to this page:

As you can see the discount will continue through all of 2011! This is both happy and sad. On the happy side, I get to save 10% for a long time. On the sad side I won't be able to get to $1000 and save 20% until 2012 and the world may end then.


Craigslisted means I have a picture to show progress!

In decluttering news I chucked my wallet today. I also sold most of the candles from that garage sale this summer. Have you ever lifted 50+ candle holders? They're kind of heavy. I kept the red tea light holders and case. Its currently full of other candle holders. Guess I should see what I can pitch from there.