Friday, December 10, 2010

Paperbookswap & Swapadvd Updates

This is why I'm 4square mayor at the post office
 Today I mailed out 4 books for and 2 dvds for I also found out you can transfer credits between programs at a ratio of 3 to 2 - meaning 2 dvds swapped = 3 books.

You can click here to transfer your credits back and forth.

So is it worth it from a finance (rather than decluttering) point of view?

On the dvd site:
I spent $5.22 to mail out Mad Men S1 (which counts as 4 credits because it has 4 disks) and Office S1 (1 credit). I get 1 credit for signing up.

I want Veronica Mars dvds, which "costs" 6 credits since there are 6 disks per season. So for 5.22 and some dvds without Anny Replay Value I will get a $30 show I've enjoyed watching multiple times. This show never goes on sale and I don't want to bootleg something I love.

On the book site:
I spent $10.02 to mail 5 books. Truthfully, I plan to transfer all my book credits to dvdswap so that I can get the other two seasons of Veronica Mars. I have some hard to find books on my wishlist but I'm so far down the queue I don't think I'll get them for a while. Luckily I'm patient and not ready to give them a home.

If you sign up at either site, I would love to be your "referer person." I would get one credit. My user name is ethena. If you are already a member, friend me so I can see what you're trading :D


FB @ said...

Can you not find VMARS on ebay? OR craig's list and stick out an alert every time someone even mentions the word "veronica" or "mars"?

Trevor (T) said...

It's nice to see services like these still out there and working. I tried out a dvd swap site awhile back and it worked, unfortunately it didn't have the depth of titles I would have liked. Do you find that the services you use have the movies and books you want?

I am also a big Veronica Mars fans. One of the best shows to ever grace the airwaves. I would even go so far as to say season one was the absolute best season of any show I've ever seen.