Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Show - Extreme Couponing

This is not an organized stockpile. I am unimpressed.
There's a new show on TLC called Extreme Couponing. The clip shows three cases of people couponing: one is a married woman who cancels plans to coupon. One is a married woman going through dumpsters for coupon inserts and the third is a guy who buys items by the hundreds to donate.

I haven't seen the show yet but this clip gives me mixed feelings.

The first feeling is - DECLUTTER THAT MESS! Sure the stockpiles are beautifully organized but check out the space shoppers are sacrificing for the joy of owning items which expire. One woman has her stockpile insured for up to $35,000!

In this clip one of the show's participants leaves his home at 9pm on Thanksgiving to hang out in the SNOW in order to buy a 46" Apex tv at Target. He and the wife have been saving for a "long time" in order to buy it.

First of all - 46" Apex!? I'm not a snob but those things are so cheap ALL THE TIME! On Black Friday it was $450 at Target - a nice price but not crazier than normal. Secondly - Amazon was price matching everyone all week. Why didn't they stay home and order on-line!? Third of all - this guy is a hardcore shopper with thousands of free beauty and healthcare items in his house. Instead of sitting in the snow for five hours he could have listed and packaged his stuff on eBay in that time and made MORE than the cost of the tv!

Dude, he could have afforded retail.

Extreme Couponing premieres tomorrow at 8pm in my market. I'll be tuned in; if only to shake my head and make tutting sounds. Click here to see their YouTube channel..