Thursday, December 2, 2010

Monthly Goals - Christmas FTW edition

technicality loophole ftw
I saw Christmas lights up in my twon in mid-November which is AWESOME! I love holiday lights, they're so pretty and colorful. :D

So how'd I do in November?

I was more punctual, with dyed hair (I got highlights years ago and need to keep dying it black to keep that brown from seeping back) and great looking nails all month. Unfortunately I did sit-ups twice and did not throw away a single ironic t-shirt. I forgot that was even a goal! On the bright side Christmas shopping is done and wrapped under the tree. If anyone reading this was planning to ask for something specific from me this year, I hope they asked in October ;)

I don't know what to list for December. I'll decorate and cook and bake and work and declutter but am feeling overwhelmed on the work/commute front and don't want to set goals which will stress me out. So what say this month I devote one hour a week to photographing/researching/listing stuff on eBay and Craigslist and call it a day? According to this article it should take 37 minutes to eBay one item and make 100s of dollars. Sensationalistic hogwash unless the item you are selling is a brand new laptop...or a kidney.

Comic from Mordant Orange cause that guy is funnier than me!