Thursday, December 30, 2010

Inspiration Thursday - Double take edition

This room makes me think of the Yellow Wallpaper. Its the oddest addition to an otherwise pretty normal condo. Click here to see the rest and admire a swell bathroom mirror.

This one is billed as a home office although the only thing I can see being worked on is playing and eating.

I love that wall of writing and the fire pit full of candles. Fire hazard aside, wouldn't it be a cosy room to visit on a cold day?
I love this quote although I don't know what else is happening in this room. It has kitchen furniture but crafty decor? I'd like to know what it is.

This room is just awesome. I love how so much of it is mobile so if you need more kitchen chairs you can flip them around, if you want to sit around the fireplace stuff can be moved, etc etc etc.

This one came from ikea hacker - a nailhead trim on an ikea Besta. Isn't that beautiful!?