Friday, December 3, 2010

I never talked about Black Friday did I?

When I have a craptastic commute I bake as soon as I get home
So big news guys - I'm moving in June! The work commute is killing me so I'm heading back to my old town (or a nearby town if that one is too expensive on my own) while my roomy will stay in this one. She likes it here so all is good.

In preparation I've started going through the kitchen cabinets and craigslisting kitchen stuff I picked up at yard sales and seldom use/wouldn't want to carry. We were very lucky to have a huge kitchen but I'm planning to live on my own (read less storage space) and don't need to own 7-8 mixing bowls or multiple loaf pans, etc.

I've also been very lucky to be working from home Tuesday-today so have actually been here when people say "I live nearby, can I drop by 15 minutes?"

Black Friday was fun! My boyfriend and I went to Kohls (I picked up that pyrex set) while he got kitchen stools and swank set of knives. I know you guys are WTF'ing since I just said I got rid of a bunch of bowls but these match and are nestled away in a box. It will be super easy to move these versus packaging and packing the other ones - plus I sold the old ones for more than the cost of these so stop judging me!

I got the flowered set because I need more storage when visiting the 'rents
Kohls opened at 3am and we were planning to stay up but then our advanced ages caught up so we went to bed and set the alarm. We got there at 2:40ish and there were at least 200 people ahead of us! We both needlessly worried about our items selling out (where would Future Anny store her leftovers!?). The doors opened at 3am and in spite of our floundering to find stuff (we didn't know the store layout) and some price checks, plus kung fui'ing all our purchases into the car we were back on the road at 3:18.

I'd like to shout-out my boyfriend here because I love a non-dawdler. A layperson may have been tempted by the shoppingness of it all but we'd seen the circulars and knew what we wanted. No last-minute impulse buys for us <3

Our next stop was Staples but they didn't open until 5am. We went by their parking lot and there were people already lined up in the drizzle! We were wide awake and not hungry so just came home to kill time.


We found this post showing all the Staples stuff was already live on-line plus we could buy Staples coupons on eBay to save even more money! Of course we jumped on that and went back to bed.

We got up around 11, swung by Staples for the free Duracells and called it a day. The trifecta of drugstores had all their deals in-store on Thanksgiving so we took advantage of the lack of crowds and stocked up on their stuff then.

So that was Black Friday 2010.

I wonder if merchants are moving away from in-store shopping on Black Friday. Most of the store deals (even Kohls) were on-line from the day before but they had mail in rebates that said in-store and we didn't want to risk disqualification due to laziness. Amazon price matched almost everyone's prices this year (usually under-cutting Walmart by $1-$2), doesn't have tax and ships quickly.