Monday, December 20, 2010

How a virtual cat invaded my home

I swung by Amazing Savings yesterday to check out their Kitchen Aid stock. Amazing Savings is a surplus store, with constantly revolving, cheap name brand goods and craptastic website.

I saw the EXACT SAME pot I craigslisted on Saturday for $5 selling there brand new for $6! I have to be careful when I go in because everything is such a bargain (I always compare to Amazon prices) that walking in sets off my Potential Clutter alarm.

This time I found a ton of Rolodex brand monitor stands for $3.99! The one I bought a few months ago was $30! I rock the dual monitor display but one of them is lower than the other. Rolodex stands have outlet accessories you can purchase separately (they were $2.99!) and snap into the side of the tower to provide additional usb or outlets. The $30 one I have doesn't do anything but hold up my monitor. Pshaw.

That monitor has vertigo
Unfortunately the style I chose was the only one that wasn't pre-assembled for inspection in store and raised my monitor 6 inches off the desk. That won't do.

I tried putting it on the side with desk crap on top of it but I don't really need it.

Was I just lolcatted?
I sent the picture to my bf and he immediately lolcatted it. Well...apparently he found a picture of a cat on a white background, resized and blurred it before sticking it on my desk. I am impressed in an unimpressive way ;)

So I don't need this thing and can't return it because its been opened. It would make a great tower stand if a desk doesn't have one built in. Since it has a plug and USB ports (and drawer) it would be great for a landing strip in a house so you could charge electronics and also have a handy place to keep them. I'm not sure what to do with it yet.

I'm pretty certain whatever I decide to do won't entail a cat.

In decluttering news I put this candle holder in a communal space at my bf's where folks drop off useful things they don't need. I also left a few bags of fake snow I bought last year, forgetting how messy that stuff is. Hopefully both of these things will find new homes :)


Alicia said...

Hahaha, very cute. It thought that was your cat. Those are pretty handy to have. I rock the dual screens also but I think if I had them on stands it would just provide me with more room to put "stuff" and I'm trying so hard to "unstuff" my life.