Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holy Crap I'm exhausted! Tales of Craigslist cont'd

This shirt in multiple colors should be my entire wardrobe
I had a middle eastern guy come over and buy a ton of crap just now. Normally people e-mail and say they want one thing. Sometimes they will ask for a better price before they get here.

Not this guy!

He dropped by for a jacket I kept trying to eBay unsuccessfully and walked out with half of my kitchen cupboards and two lamps I outgrew to boot. He got it all for about half of what I was asking but still more than I paid so it worked out ok.

My tip off should have been when he said he likes having garage sales. I feigned unawareness of garage sale pricing and kept haggling until he gave up. I even threw in a bag of clothes I'd meant to donate the next time I passed a donation container.

Frankly I'm just glad to have gotten rid of so much at once. Now I'm ready for a nap.


Angela said...

I don't think I've ever had someone buy stuff from one person to sell it at a garage sale...