Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free iPhone 12/10 - One day Only

It was bound to happen
Best Buy will be offering up Apple’s iPhone 3GS for free for one day only, this Friday the 10th. This offer is valid to both new lines, additional lines, and also qualified upgrades. Data plans start at $15

Radio Shack version of the Deal

RadioShack will offer a $50 discount on Apple’s iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS December 4 - 11th. Interested parties need to be eligible for a two-year agreement. Here are the prices:
  • iPhone 3GS: $49.99
  • iPhone 4 (16GB): $149.99
  • iPhone 4 (32GB): $249.99
Radio Shack is also running a “Trade & Save” promotion for trading in iPhone 3G and 3GS and receive a credit of $75 and $125. Not bad if you were thinking of upgrading.

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