Sunday, December 12, 2010

Free at Walgreens: Activ-One Pain Relief

This stuff is awesome for joint and muscle pain. My mom uses the arthritis one and I like the regular one for sore spots. The best part of this product is its tubeness - meaning you don't end up with mentholated stuff all over your hands when applying it. This week you can buy it for $8 at Walgreens and get a coupon for $8 to use on your next purchase.

Goody hairbands and elastics are $2 with the same kind of $2 off your next purchase coupon.

Today I donated a pair of sneakers that aren't very comfortable so almost new. I also threw in a pair of white flats with rhinestones I got part as psrt of a "Buy One, Get One" deal years ago but never wear. I looked at them and thought about moving them through four homes without having even worn them that many times *shakes head*