Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eclipse: Why do I keep watching?

I just watched Eclipse and man...that Edward guy is such a tool! I know I'm supposed to be fawning over his glittery skin and bedhead (in spite of not sleeping!?). I'm supposed to sigh wistfully over his long speeches and care towards Bella but mostly I want to see him staked so she can run off to Camp Jacob and raise cute little puppies!

Or something like that.

Its not that I dislike vampires, Vampire Diaries is one of the best shows I've seen in ages. Every week twists and turns happen that keep me gasping - in spite of my years of vampire lore.

Its just that Edward is so one-dimensional and while Bella isn't a prize she is so much better with Jacob. She should have listened to her dad when he told her sometimes we have to learn to love what is good for us.

I hope Edward falls and bonks his head
Anyway the tabloids are all abuzz that irl Bella and Edward are going to have a baby. I hope its a gregarious, beautiful little graceful person who tans and smiles cause his parents sure aren't!


Angela said...

LOL. I love it!!