Monday, December 13, 2010

Blockbuster's New Pricing Confuses

As you know, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy back in September and has since closed a bunch of stores and is reorganizing the rest.

Last week I got an e-mail and saw a huge .99 cent/3 night rentals sign at Blockbuster. The number of points required for a free rental from my Sony card dropped as well. So I assumed all old movies were .99 to compete with Redbox and Blockbuster Express (which is owned by a different company). Nope! Look at what they're doing now to confuse and annoy their customers:
  • Just Arrived (DVD and BluRay): $4.99
  • New Release (DVD and BluRay): $2.99 -  out 6 weeks or more
  • Top Picks (DVD & BluRay): $0.99
According to Trevor, most of the .99 videos suck.

I don't get it Blockbuster, I really don't. You have this great name, logo and I like your shade of blue. Your stores are generally clean, large and run by capable teenagers. How are you still managing to screw this up so badly?

Yes the bottom box is made up of two other boxes taped together. Some say ghetto, others say innovative.
In more cheerful news I managed to unload Titanic on dvd and eBay some other stuff - including a Kate Spade purse I bought at a sample sale ages ago and only wore a few times. You'd be surprised at how purses retain their value even after being used.


Trevor (T) said...

Yep, BB got close on something worthwhile here, but for me I would have loved to see all catalogue (or the majority) be 99 cents. I get the new releases being more expensive, especially with the 28-day window everyone else has on them. Still sucks, I'll just stick with Netflix and the kiosks if I need something immediately.

-- P.S. Thanks for the link Anny