Friday, December 10, 2010

30 days of Decluttering - Day 1

Worse than the fairy that steals used teeth
Unclutterer.Com is one of my favorite websites. Inspired by their One Item a Day thread, I've decided to get rid of 30 things in the next 30 days.

Today I:

Nail polish shelf post-declutter. I will miss it when we move :(
1. Culled my nail polish collection. I got rid of anything over 6 months old this summer so everything was pretty fresh. However during my "Paint the nails" experiment last month I only wore two shades since they were the only quick dry polishes I owned! So today I rounded up all of my regular (completely full) bottles of polish and gave them to a teenaged cousin who has the time to watch nails dry.

BTW Walgreens this week has the new Quick Dry Revlon nail polishes for 5.99 with a $5 off your future purchase coupon printing at check-out. Even better - both the Walgreens I've visited had $1 coupons right on the display. I picked up 4 new polishes to replace the ones I got rid of for tax :)

2. Junked a box full of SOMEONE ELSE'S paper
I was an eBay trading assistant this summer to a guy who owned too many non-valuable books and pamphlets. When he moved he left me a stack of junk to eBay and its not worth my time but I felt guilty trashing it since it wasn't mine. I took out an entire box of that crap about an hour ago.

3. Sent two books off to
Generally, I don't like receiving books as gifts. They can be found at the library, downloaded in audio format or easily remembered. Plus they're HEAVY! I read a lot but own less than ten books (asides from graphic novels which don't count because I say so). I joined paperbackswap yesterday because I'd like to own a few books not available at the library but not worth paying for. I listed the books I owned (none of which I've read in years despite moving them from home to home) and had two requests right away! I know these books I loved are going to good homes and doubt I will ever want to read them again anyway. Win win :D

I plan to sign up at swapadvd soon so I can get rid of some of the dvds I never watch either. I joined Columbia House's dvd club back in 2002 and own some movies that I wouldn't mind seeing leave - especially if it means I don't have to carry them out this summer. Dvds are HEAVY!

So that was an awesome first day of decluttering. I'd love to eventually get to the level of people who are decluttering 365 things in 365 days but its all about baby steps. First I get to the 30 in 30 then we go on from there :D