Friday, November 5, 2010

Weezy Free 1 Day, I'm already tired of it

I never noticed he lacked chin definition.
Lil Wayne was released from jail on Thursday morning as I was commuting to work.

How do I know this?

Because members of his crew kept calling in, the radio station kept announcing it and I got a text from I could not be more in the know if we were related.

As terms of his probation, he's not allowed to drink for three years but there are stories all over about his mega-party scheduled for this weekend.

"It's all going down at a joint called King of Diamonds -- a 50,000 square foot mega strip club that's equipped with a shoe shine station, massage parlor, basketball court and "fine dining." We're told Wayne and his posse already purchased dozens of bottles of PJ Rose Perrier-Jou√ęt champagne at $700 a pop." Source.

That fool's gonna end up back in jail.

I'm sure his career will be fine though. He came out with more songs this past year than TuPac the year after he died. Couple that with his phone interviews from inside the joint and the constant updates from members of his crew and its like he never left. In fact the dj on Thursday congratulated them for still producing 79% of the songs being played on the radio.

Now that's a work ethic.


Della said...

Siigh. I wish celebrity's would get less media least I haven't heard about Lindsey Lohan in like, a day or two.