Sunday, November 14, 2010

Turns out Average = Good

Garfield is a month older than me. Birthday milestones are easier when a cat bemoaned them for you already!
My favorite part of websites like fml and my life is average is how some of the same anecdotes could easily fit on either side depending on attitude.

Take this one from MLIA:
"Today, I cooked one of Rachel Ray's "thirty minute meals." It took me three and a half hours."

Of course it made me laugh - we've all watched Rachel Ray dice an onion in 5 seconds while anecdocting about the time she found the Best Onions in the World. Meanwhile I approach onion cutting with the concentration of a med student. There aren't any anecdotes in my kitchen!

I love MyLifeisAverage because most of the anecdotes are nice or funny. Sure, some of them could be FML candidates but attitude realizes life has its ups and downs but for the most part - they're ups :)