Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Netflix's new Stream Only plan will make them RICH(er)!

Netflix announced yesterday a "Streaming Video Only" plan which kicks off with the new year. As you can see in that handy, dandy chart up there its a dollar less than the current "One dvd out at a time plus unlimited streaming" plan.

But look at these savings:

Currently I pay $9.xx and watch 4-5 movies a month. This requires postage both ways plus manpower to handle all that dvd sorting. Lets say half of my monthly subscription fees is eaten up by these uncontrollables.

If I "downgrade" to the dollar less plan they end up making even more:
"Frost & Sullivan says Akamai charges a customer like Netflix about 5 cents for an HD movie, compared with about 3 cents for standard definition." Source

Don't get me wrong - $8.xx to virtually own such a large collection of movies is an amazing way of entertaining yourself. Blockbuster must be rolling over in its pretty blue grave right about now.


Mandi said...

Amen to that. Am slightly bugged my plan is going up. But hey, it's only $1. And we use it daily.