Monday, November 1, 2010

Monthly Goals - November 2010 - The Responsibility Edition

1. Be more Punctual
I was doing really well with this for a few weeks but in the last two have slipped back into my procrastinaty ways. I know its disrespectful and annoying so this month I will try my hardest to be on time for everything - even if it means I will spend less time amusing myself at home before going out!

2. Get a toned tummy
So its post-summer and I eat sweets every day so there is a pudge thing happening. I don't know if I'll be able to do 100 in a row like back in the day but I'm positive I can retone...without giving up the sweets ;)

3. Finish Christmas shopping
I'm missing one or two gifts but thanks to the beauty of Amazon wishlists I should be able to knock this out in November. I hate the pressure of last minute shopping and for me anything left until December is too last minute.

4. Chuck ironic baby tees
My boyfriend linked me to Nine Quick Tips to Identify Clutter and as usual its made me want to get rid of more stuff. I have a dresser with six drawers, which should be more than enough for any blogger. Well, one is underthings, one is work-appropriate shirts, one is sweaters (bulky fuckers) and the other three are assorted nonsense that get worn periodically around the house or just not worn at all. I complain about not having space for sweaters when one of my drawers doesn't even get opened monthly! I'm going to have to get ruthless and just chuck stuff; regardless of how cute I looked in it three summer ago.

5. Dye my hair, do my nails
This has not been done for about three months now - I even bought the dye a few weeks ago. Also I have a ton of fancy new nail polish colors (thanks Rite Aid!) so I'm going to work on keeping my nails unchipped and colorful. Wish me luck!

Yay November! Traditionally its been one of my more depressing months but this year I'm really excited. Plus I get to decorate for Christmas soon :D

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Alicia said...

Some great goals. I myself did a lot of chucking of stuff this weekend. My biggest problem is that now the trunk of my car is full of clothing & shoes I'm planning to take to GoodWill, but instead of going on my lunch hour to do so...I'm sitting her reading your goals & not completing ok, ok...I'll drop them off after work! Good luck with the goals!

Anonymous said...

Great goals. I have been late almost every morning to work. Ick! The mornings are so dark and it is killing me. I am going to add being punctual on my list. :)