Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lasik Update

Today was my six week Lasik visit and apparently my eyes are as dry as sandpaper :(

Before surgery they told me the eye would become confused about the type of tears it would be producing and that I needed to make sure I was properly hydrating them but uhhh... that was a while ago and I felt fine so I only put in drops when they felt dry. Shame on me!

So now I'm putting drops in 4 times a day (even if they fell fine) and gel drops at night. Hopefully this will improve the two eyes problems I've been having:

1. I can't focus on small things. I can't tweeze anything because my eyes focus for a second and unfocus.

2. My eyes have a hard adjusting to levels of darkness. When I'm driving at night (hello Daylight Savings on Sunday!) and I stop under a light when I come out from under it everything is so much darker that I can't distinguish driveway entrances from normal sidewalk. Even worse is when I turn down a dark, narrow road and can't tell the difference between the road and the sidewalk. It takes about a minute to re-adjust to the darkness so I try to just pull over and wait it out.

Otherwise everything was fine and my vision seems to have stabilized at 20/20 which is nice. My next appointment is in three months so I just have to hydrate until then :)


Angela said...

Wow, I am so sorry about the dryness. I didn't have that at all.

Alicia said...

I wonder...are all these things considered a normal side effect? I've always wanted Lasik, but it's out of my price range for right now. I do have a vision appointment Sat morning because my eyes have really been blurring lately. I hope things stabilize for you Anny!