Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kanye still working on Amends

Here's a picture I never expected to publish
So remember five years ago when Kanye blurted out during a Katrina fund raiser "George Bush doesn't care about black people!"

Well the ex-president came out with a book, in which he says the incident marked an "all-time low" during his time in office.


This clip was Bush's ALL-TIME low!?

What about the Florida debacles, all the people who died overseas without reason, the huge amounts of money wasted on nonsense and all the vacations he took? What about the time 9/11 happened and he stuck around to listen to a children's story instead of rushing out to see what his country needed?

Kanye West saying what I immediately thought was his all-time low?

Bush isn't a pretty little blonde girl, being mad at Kanye is not going to garnish him any popularity points.

But I guess I can't fault him for trying ;)

- oh and Kanye apologized for calling Bush racist. I hope this publicity helps sell his new album which drops SOON!!!!