Monday, November 22, 2010

Entenmann's Candles - trying to capitalize on the only scentless baked goods

Especially dangerous since I normally want to eat candles anyway
I can't decide if the new line of Entenmann's candles is craptastic folly or pure genius.

On the one hand, Entenmann's baked goods don't smell. I live near an outlet and have been consuming more baked goods than a kid with a charge card. The stuff is sugar laden deliciousness but scent-free.

On the plus side, I know what baked goods smell like and I trust the Entenmann's name. If they say this candle smells like pumpkin spice cake, well I assume the experts would know.

I saw these candles at the outlet for $4-$5 this summer and they've been popping up in drugstores for $5.99 in the past month.


Della said...

Ewww. I detest food scented candles...just give me flower scents!

Alicia said...

Hmmm, this made me pause & think. I do love Entenmann's baked good...but do they smell? I'm going to have to go buy some and smell them. They seem like a great little gift idea though. I'll keep my eye out for them.

Anonymous said...

I can't find them anywhere online. They don't show up in the CVS search engine or on Google shopping even. They aren't even on the Entenmann's web site!