Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Could bulk cooking be for me?

Looking for recipes but cloning instructions also appreciated
I'm freelancing outside the home five days a week (just like a real job!) and am having a hard time adjusting in the kitchen.

Breakfast is super easy. I've made batches of oatmeal to warm in the mornings, dabbled in waffles and this week made my version of Trent's breakfast burritos (no beans, extra shrooms, melted cheese to hold it together).

My problem is dinner. I get home around 7pm and am too hungry to cook for an hour so I end up nuking something that's probably bad for me. Its either that or fast food, which is probably worse.

So I'm thinking of making bulk meals to freeze and nuke as needed. I could do it on Saturdays since that day is normally empty. The internet gives a resounding thumbs up to freezing lasagna but what else could work well?

I wish those bulk cooking classes from five years ago were still the rage :)


Little Miss Moneybags said...

I've been wanting to do bulk cooking lately too. I sent Peanut to Costco today to pick up freezer bags, and I've been saving "make-ahead meal" recipes. I'm not ready to go the Once A Month Cooking route, but if I made one or two extra dishes each weekend, my weekdays would go SO much smoother.

FB @ said...

I tell you what doesn't work: potatoes.

Frozen, they're disgusting. Kind of spongy/mushy.

Hmm... I say anything like curries would freeze well, or pasta sauces that take a long time to make, but are simple to throw over some quickly-made pasta and a quickly cooked piece of chicken