Saturday, November 6, 2010

Black Friday'ing? Stick with Amazon instead

The trend for the past couple of years has been to stretch Black Friday into a month-long event with weekend deals all through November.

Retailers are trying but Amazon is price matching. Couple their speedy delivery and no tax (unless you live in WA or NY) and buying from them is a no-brainer.

Today they are UNDERCUTTING Walmart's 32" Vizio tv for $260

Yesterday the internet was abuzz over their matching Best Buy's video games.

Streams Netflix and YouTube!? This is the cheapest I've seen.
I'm hoping they match the above Blu-Ray player from Walgreens. I'm planning to buy it as a holiday gift for my brother's family (don't worry, they suck at remembering I have a blog) and prefer ordering from Amazon than driving around trying to find one in store. Believe it or not, I hang out in Walgreens a lot and have never seen one of these in stock.

As always - check out for the latest ad scans and info on BF. Sears, Kohls, Walgreens and a few other ads are already posted.


Mandi said...

Do you really think it will be good enough? I would love LOVE to shop amazon instead of heading out at the butt crack of dawn. . . even toys?