Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Unsolicited Review: Dishwasher Magic

I saw a "Try Me Free" hangtag on a bottle of Dishwasher Magic at ShopRite and was powerless to resist. I bought it home, submitted the on-line rebate and received my check within two weeks.

Now we hardly use our dishwasher and seldom look inside but since I had the product I figured I'd use it. Man was I shocked!

We have well water which means drains have to be cleaned weekly or they develop a reddish ring. Don't flush a toilet for a few days and the bowl turns reddish. Brita inserts get changed very get the idea.

I didn't realize the dishwasher was reddish until after Dishwasher Magic restored it to (what I assume is) its natural beige! My guy used a bottle in his dishwasher and it removed rust stains that had been there since before he moved in years ago!

The bottle is placed upside down in the cutlery box and the machine is run through a regular cleaning cycle. At the end you chuck the empty bottle and marvel at the cleanliness. I didn't smell anything during or after the cleaning, which was surprising considering how much work it did.

At only $3.99 a bottle, its definitely something worth buying. They have a list of stores where they sell the product and supposedly all of them have the Try Me Free offer on the bottle. Like I said before, it was an online rebate so you submit all your information on their website instead of mailing anything in. Plus you can print a coupon from their website.

If you have a dishwasher you should definitely buy this product, even if you don't use it four times a year as they recommend.