Saturday, October 23, 2010

Suddenly I can't stop Saling!

It was a weird sailing day. The first one I stopped at had paintings up to $300! I skedaddled so quickly I didn't even take a cellpic. The next one was an antiquer's sale and just as bad. I was heading home when I found loads of breakables at this sale:
The green vases are almost 2 feet tall! I'm planning to stick snow and white twigs into the blue ones in a month or two. There's no sense in heralding winter before its time. $1 each

The green vases will be staying in the kitchen, flanking our tremendous bamboo. Both are from Ikea and the one on the right is about 1.5 years old while the baby next to it came here about 4-5 months ago. Come to think of it - I've never heard bad things about Ikea plants - maybe that's where I should buy all of them from now on.
  • 6 brand new machine washable (I quadruple checked) place mats from Fortunoff - $1.50
  • Black metal napkin holder because I feel weird plunking napkins down when we have company - .50
  • Home Cheap Home decor book - .25
  • Lenox ornaments - $1
  • Silver, animal print magazine holder - $2
The tarnish came off easily. Hopefully it re-tarnishes evenly or else I'll just spray paint it.
I think these were part of a "12 Days of Christmas" set because there are lovebirds in #1 and #3 has pears. Any idea what #2 is?


FB @ said...

That magazine holder is sleek and chic!!!

I very much like what you picked out :)

Chic Creations said...

Hi Anny, Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comments. It is much appreciated. I hope you will come back again and again. Love your blog, you have a cute home and great finds. Thanks for sharing. I will be back again to check out what you have. Thanks again. Karie @