Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saling in October

$1 Each! Carbs, here I come!
So I didn't set out to garage sale today. I was on my way to the Entenmann's Outlet because I am suddenly obsessed with sandwiches and their prices can't be beat! Click here to see if there is one near you because their prices and selection are awesome!


On the way back I followed a large cardboard sign for a garage sale and ended up at an "Accidental Sale." The guy noticed there was a lot of traffic on his street and his girlfriend told him there was a huge garage sale up the street. So he decided to clean out his garage and leech his neighbor's traffic :D

Pre-broken glass makes clutzes feel better.
This pair of Bombay Co wall sconces were $2 but still retail on their website for $69!

A pyromaniac with OCD's dream!
I also got this tub of glass ikea taper and votive holders for $3! There were even some beige candles I've since "unpinked" and have stuck into Halloween decor. The best part of this lot was definitely the case. Instead of getting home and going "Now how do I store this!?" I already have a place for them - plus I can chuck my other candle holders in there when they're not in use. Win Win!

I adore red!
The next sale was a block away and advertised as a "Garage and Coat Sale" so I was expecting old lady or 80s coats. Surprisingly it was run by a woman who works at Steve Madden and was selling a ton of samples! There was pleather, leather, bubble, wool, long, short...I lingered for way too long before choosing this red one for $20. The only thing wrong? Its upside down label:

Label Fail
Look! Stuff!
I ran into this sale at almost 5pm on my way to Rite Aid. The vase is super heavy and thick, plus has beautiful curves and matches my room. A quarter! I was telling my roommate if I were a guy I'd stock up on garage sale vases and buy grocery store flowers. The presentation is always in the container and they always end up at garage sales for change.

The two shadowboxes and candle holders were a quarter for the lot as well. Currently the larger box is holding a ghost in the kitchen and kinda looks like a hanged man. I'm not sure where it will end up but once I feel better the candle holders will probably be painted white.

So it was a great day of inadvertent saling!


Angela said...

Wow!! Great job on the coat especially!

Della said...

Bread thrift shops are the best places ever. Around here, we have a few Pepperidge Farm stores and Hostess stores. Love them all!

Wow, you really found some great stuff! That coat is a gorgeous color! I love all the candles...they are the perfect thing for fall.