Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Roundup; the life is Good edition

I've been quite MIA this week due to work (as usual). I got out of office work between 5:30-7 all week then came home to some side work. I'm grateful for the work and the ability to express myself creatively :)

Look at the darling necklace I won from Della! In case you didn't know she has the cutest outfits and goats. Click here to visit her blog and ask for fashion advice

Not my house, houzz either
Houzz had two recent posts which reminded me of my bedroom: photo collaging and the power of grey meets green. I feel validated.

Just assume none of these pictures are mine
Parlour Home Blog has a lot of really cool renovations but I'm linking to their bathroom cause that's how I roll. Actually I'm linking because she hung up white shadowboxes next her mirror and it looks great! My bathroom has a similar layout (toilet on opposite wall) but my mirror is recessed so this wouldn't work for me.

This pumpkin sexy, not slutty (HIMYM FTW)
Everyone is trying to reinvent the pumpkin this year (chalkboard paint, silver paint, decoupaged, etc) but the best so far were these pumpkins wrapped in pantyhose. I love the traditional Halloween colors and think its just damn sexy!

Streaming netflix is now available for the Wii and PS3 without a disk in the system. PS3 users get 1080 streaming video WITH surround sound! How awful is it that I have 101 reasons for wanting a PS3 and none of them are "to play games on." BTW my brother's friend worked at a Netflix distribution center and he says it was AWFUL! He said people couldn't talk to each other, listen to the radio or interact in any way. And lets not forget the paper cuts! I feel bad for the employees but Netflix manages to get my disk in the mail with ridiculously fast turn around times so I can't ask for better working conditions in exchange for slower times. That would be silly!

Speaking of Netflix, I watched Chloe last night. Its been years since a non-horror movie disturbed me so much. I gave it 5 stars and suggest it to anyone who likes being wigged out.

Professor Cameron blogged about the 22 year old woman who shook her baby to death because he was crying while she was playing Farmville. On the two radio stations I listen to they always run PSAs on the dangers of shaking your child. They even have a hotline for desperate parents who are thinking of shaking and hurting their children. Parenting is difficult but there is support out there...although apparently not on this woman's Facebook friend's page. I hope this tiny person's death helps raise awareness of these hotlines and helps diffuse some tempers before more tragedies occur.

I still love my Sony card AND guess what!? This week I applied for a second Sony card - this one funded by Capital One instead of Chase. Now why would an everyday blogger like me want two Sony cards? Because of the rewards of course! Right now there is a promo giving you the equivalent of $200 in gift cards once you use the card the first time. Feel free to ask any questions you want about it - or read the 30 something odd pages there. I'm planning to break down my gift cards into $50 increments as holiday gifts. Stores you can redeem points for include BP Gas, Macy's, TGIF, etc. Click here for a more complete listing. I think I've blogged about my Sony card more than anything else (even Joss) so feel free to hit the archives for more on my irrational love for this card and all the free stuff I've gotten using it.
Black Friday was big in the 80s too!
BF is back! Your best source for Black Friday ads is right here. I can't wait to see what Staples has this year. My love for that store knows few bounds.