Saturday, October 2, 2010

Netflix vs. Blockbuster - The debate continues

Blockbuster is taller but Netflix can fly, who will prevail?
As you guys know, I was a disgruntled Blockbuster customer last year. My brother has been a BB customer for about four years and even he's noticed how slowly the dvds are arriving.
This year I decided to give Netflix a try. Its $8.99 (plus obligatory tax), streams to the Wii and they have incredible turnaround times.
I'm not convinced either service is right for me though and here's why:
Blockbuster Upsides:
  • 3 dvds out at a time means marathon dvd watching!
  • Ability to check out video games through the mail is a huge boon for gamers (and their parents)
  • Exchange dvds in-store for impromptu dvd nights
Downsides to Blockbuster:
  • Almost $20 a month means about 2.5 months worth of Netflix service
  • A dvd mailed back on a Thursday arrives Friday, ships Monday and gets to customer on Tuesday
Netflix Upsides:
  • $8.xx is less than 2 in-store rentals
  • Streaming video to internet capable blu-ray, dvds, tv and video game consoles
  • A dvd mailed back Thursday arrives Friday, is mailed the same day and arrives Saturday
Downsides to Netflix:
  • Most of the streaming stuff is older. They had this season of Heroes available asap though
  • The 1 dvd at a time plan is horrible for watching a television series. Watching 6 disks will take over a month!
My money's on Red
What it comes down to is how you enjoy spending your time. Would you like a leisurely, casual tv watching (Netflix) or try to cram as much entertainment into your life as possible (Blockbuster)?
In the end I think picking up boxxed sets from the library is the way to go for me. I like watching tv on dvd because its immediate and cuts out commercials. Having to wait days for a new disk is almost as bad as watching it live and waiting a week for a new episode!


Mandi said...

So we've been blockbuster online peeps for 4 or more years. I've enjoyed it, especially when they added trading the dvd's in at the store--


We made the switch to Netflix (Blockbuster? C'mon! You keep raising my fee, you're slower than tar to send a new movie, ?) and I'll never look back. I LOVE streaming on my PS3. I am obsessed with looking at my selection on there. LOVE IT.